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[Watch] The Last Of Us 2 Trailer: Top 5 Spoilers To Look Out For In The Sequel

The Last Of Us 2
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[Watch] The Last Of Us 2 Trailer: Top 5 Spoilers To Look Out For In The Sequel

The existence of the Last Of Us 2 has been confirmed, when its official trailer was unveiled during the recently held Sony’s Playstation Experience 2016.

Despite the success and popularity of the first game, the sequel was only accidentally hinted before by Josh Scherr, the writer for UnchartedUncharted: The Lost Legacy was also recently officially announced the same time as the new Last of Us.


The following is what to expect for the upcoming sequel. Be warned for the possible spoilers ahead!

1. The main characters for the Last Of Us 2:

Good news for the fans of the original protagonists, as Joel and Ellie are set to return for the sequel. However, the game would focus on Ellie this time. So aside from the storyline to focus on Ellie, expect also to spend more time assuming her role in the game.

2. The timeline of the new game:

The timeline for the new series would take place around an estimated five years after the first Last of Us. Ellie was confirmed to be 19 years old this time. Her physical appearance in the teasers along with Joel are proof of this.

3. The setting for the sequel:

There is still no official word on where the sequel takes place. But judging from the trailer, it would take place at least initially in what appears to be an abandoned house at a still undisclosed location. Most likely in another part of the United States, in a countryside somewhere where the Cordyceps Brain Infection appears to be unable to spread.

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4. The main theme for the part two:

While the first one centers on love, this time it would be the opposite, which is hate. So expect some sort of angsty Ellie this time, even possibly become psychotic as the story progresses.

5. The main story of the sequel:

“Going to find, and going to kill, every last one of them” It wasn’t clear whom Ellie is referring to in the trailer. But expect the story to be along the lines of  a revenge-driven one.

Bruce Straley is also not going to direct the sequel, as reported in the GameSpot website.

The Last Of Us 2 would be using an updated version of the Uncharted 4 system, as mentioned by Shawn Layden according to the GameNGuide website.

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