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[Watch] TimeSplitters Rewind Release Date Revealed In New Trailer

TimeSplitters Rewind
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[Watch] TimeSplitters Rewind Release Date Revealed In New Trailer

TimeSplitters Rewind is an upcoming first-person shooter video game incorporated with a multiplayer-focused mode. It was developed by Cinder Interactive Arts, a small team of part-time developers. It may be similar to the old series titles because the game may again feature a time travel element. This will let players battle in different locations over different time tables and centuries. The developers revealed a new trailer which showed the release date for the game.


Fans of TimeSplitters are still eagerly awaiting for the game to be recreated, or at least to be made available into a PS4-capable platform courtesy of Crytek Studios. Now, Cinder Interactive Arts is developing TimeSplitters Rewind. It was specifically made using the CryEngine which is a better approach by Crytek to tessellation, lighting, and texturing development.

The developers may release TimeSplitters Rewind on the PS4. Project Lead Michael Hubicka revealed three years ago that his team had begun working on porting the new title to the PS4. They would rather do this than just wait for approval from Crytek. Thus, even though the developers have not announced the game platforms yet, fans may see the game on the PS4 and even the PC platform.

On the other hand, Xbox One owners may not see the game for their console. According to GameSpot, the developer has stated that the Microsoft certification process is a major deterrent for the production of the game on the Xbox One. Hubicka further elaborated that updating games after the first free patch on the console can be costly while some games remain “broken” on the Xbox Live as a result.


The trailer created by Cinder Interactive Arts offers little information about the game itself. The trailer did not show any characters, new environments or even gaming platforms. However, it did manage to give fans a tease of its release date as the game will officially launch this year.

Watch the trailer here. Be sure to find mystery and frustration with how this minimal trailer was shown.

Even though the trailer basically just opens up a mystery as to how TimeSplitters will be rendered, fans cannot wait and cannot get enough of the series. The trailer showed that the developer originally set the game for release in 2018, but this was later changed to 2017. This is good news because fans do not have to wait any longer than within this year, hopefully.

Moreover, the trailer gave the fans a taste of the mystery that they may experience in the game. We just need to hope that Cinder Interactive Arts does not disappoint in maintaining this concept in the official game.

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