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[Watch] Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows How Live Fire Mode Works

Titanfall 2
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Titanfall Official account

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[Watch] Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows How Live Fire Mode Works

Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter video game by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts (EA). The game’s single-player gameplay talks about the story of an infantry soldier who dreams to become the pilot of a Titan or huge exoskeletons used for war. Now, Electronic Arts released the latest trailer for the game’s Live Fire game mode downloadable content.

New Content

EA and Respawn Entertainment have promised that they will continue to provide new content for Titanfall 2. They said that this will enhance the already great multiplayer experience that the game provides. Thus, the publisher and developer have released the most significant change to the game which features the Live Fire game mode update.

The Live Fire mode is a new shift in design by Respawn Entertainment. In Titanfall 2 Live Fire mode, smaller teams of players are designated into smaller environments as compared to the original game setting.

As per Polygon, the mode will feature 6-versus-6 pilots, meaning no titans are allowed and there will be no respawning, as each player only has one life. The mode will also give 2 new maps called Stack and Meadows and a Coliseum map called Columns. The game will also give a 60-second round wherein the team who holds the neutral flag will win by default and protect the flag modes. The update is also for free.


According to Game Rant, Live Fire mode’s success is still indeterminate, and the game’s reputation — despite bad reviews — was not able to encourage more people to buy the game. Titanfall 2 is a game which shows a very different approach on the multiplayer gameplay which might scare away future Player vs. Player fans. On the other hand, the Live Fire mode may be a good way of introducing fresh content in the game and may even help the game get back on its track.

Watch The Trailer Here

The trailer shows the new Live Fire mode. It shows the trigger-happy and fast-paced reflexes that players will experience with excitement. They have to finish with timely and strategic jumps and corner-strafing.

Respawn Entertainment has not yet announced a specific date for the release of this particular update. But. they did say that it will arrive this February. The game is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Notably, the game will not come with the Nintendo Switch for fans of the upcoming gaming console.

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