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[Watch] Valkyria Revolution Characters: New Trailer Introduces Heroine Ophelia

Valkyria Revolution


[Watch] Valkyria Revolution Characters: New Trailer Introduces Heroine Ophelia

Sega launched another teaser for its upcoming roleplaying game (RPG) titled Valkyria Revolution. The trailer features Jutland’s Princess Ophelia, the main character of the game.

Who is Princess Ophelia?

The princess of the Jutland Kingdom is a member of the country’s Anti-Valkyria Unit. One of the heroines’ distinct powers is her ability to manipulate Song Magic. Furthermore, she uses a sword that emits a blue glow during battle.

The princess is singing Jutland’s national anthem, titled “Jutland, Land of Beauty” in the trailer. In addition, the song is composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and sung by Sori Hayami. Hayami is also the voice actress for Princess Ophelia.

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Valkyria Revolution Storyline

Valkyria Revolution revolves around the quest of Jutland’s army in reclaiming their land from the evil hands of Rus Empire. The Rus empire attempts to get their hands on Ragnite. Furthermore, the empire wants to use the azure mineral for its magical properties.

Players can play the character of Amleth, commanding office of the Anti-Valkyria Unit. Aside from Princhess Ophelia, Brynhildr is also in the list of characters. He is a Valkyria working for Rus Empire’s side.

A multi-sided war drama, players are faced by a multitude of wars to save their country. Meanwhile, it is also a story of revenge. Not only in the battlefield, but also in politics and economics.


The game is directed by Takeshi Ozawa under the development of Media Vision. Furthermore, it is produced by Youichi Shimosato and Katsura Mikami.

With the aid of the Gouache Drawing engine for graphics, the studio intends to make the game appear with painting-like elements. Valkyria Revolution was originally built as a real-time strategy game. However, the development team decided to make it an RPG instead to gain a wider audience.

The company plans to include an easier mode for players who would like to tone down some of the battle scenes. In addition, there are story events for certain characters. This is to motivate players to keep all the characters alive.

The game is slated to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation Vita in the second quarter of 2017. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest in tech, video games, and more.

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