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[Watch] Valkyria Revolution Trailer Reveals More Details On General Maxim

Valkyria Revolution
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Sega account


[Watch] Valkyria Revolution Trailer Reveals More Details On General Maxim

Valkyria Revolution is an action role-playing video game developed by Media.Vision. The game is part of the Valkyria series but is separate from the preceding games.

Recently last month, Sega released the trailer for Princess Ophelia. She is one of the most awaited characters in Valkyria Revolution. Princess Ophelia is the Princess of Jutland. She is a member of the Anti-Valkyria Unit or Vanargand. She uses Song Magic during battle. Now, the Sega YouTube channel shared the newest Valkyria Revolution trailer. This time, the trailer focuses on the young General Maxim of the Rus Empire.


The trailer emphasized the life of General Maxim. He is one the youngest generals of the Rus Empire, a powerful empire that expanded its territory through the discovery of a rich magical mineral called Ragnite. He has the capacity to use magic as a result of experiments using the said mineral.

General Maxim’s Rus Empire economically barricaded the Jutlang country. With the boiling conflict between the two places, General Maxim will be confronting Amleth, the commanding officer of Jutland’s elite Vanargand, and others throughout the game as their foe.

The Valkyria are “supernatural” people and are close to being gods. Dual Shockers has also cited a Japanese press release where plenty of screenshots, character details and more detailed story information on the history of Valkyria were revealed.

The story dates back ten years before the present-day story. Claudius, the Second Prince of what was then the Ruzhien Kingdom, believed that the blessing of the Valkyria can be received through a “contract ring.” He found it in the temple of the Valkyria in Molda. Then, he summoned a Valkyria and signed a contract with her to raise the Ruzhien Kingdom.

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Watch the trailer here now to know more about the game’s newest character introduction of General Maxim:

Sega will release Valkyria Revolution in North America and Europe early this second quarter of the year.  Sega will release the game in Japan on January 19 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita platforms.

They will release the official soundtrack together with this. The latest demo is available in the said country for PS4 and PS Vita.

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