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[Watch] Zelda Breath Of The Wild To Premiere Behind The Scenes Series

Zelda Breath Of The Wild


[Watch] Zelda Breath Of The Wild To Premiere Behind The Scenes Series

The impact of the Zelda franchise in the industry appears to be a good reason to create a Zelda Breath of the Wild behind the scenes series. This may hopefully explain some questions fans have to the creation of the game. Interestingly, this is a good opportunity to elaborate on the relevance of the Zelda franchise to the history of gaming as a whole.

Zelda Breath of the Wild is in itself already historical. The game is one of the first entries to arrive with Nintendo’s newest device. However, it is also the last title to ever come to the Nintendo Wii U.

Meanwhile, players also praise Zelda Breath of the Wild for its unique take on the series. The game contains quite the general slate of Zelda tropes, to be explained later. However, the title’s vast open world is a drastic move away from the usual linear format of the other Zelda entries.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild: New Series?

The news of the series came courtesy of Ninendo’s Twitter page. A new tweet revealed that the behind the scenes videos will in fact elaborate on the stages needed to make Breath of the Wild. Nintendo will launch the series in three parts. Unfortunately, the Nintendo tweet did not elaborate on its content.

According to Siliconera, Nintendo did not reveal much about the format of the series. No one knows yet if Nintendo plans to launch the three parts in weekly or even monthly segments. Regardless, players can tune in on Nintendo media pages beginning March 14, at 6AM PT for the first episode.

It may be relevant for some hardcore fans to see just how the game is made. After all, not all developers allow gamers to see the production process of their titles in detail. Breath of the Wild follows the usual Zelda trend, which starts with the evil Ganon trying to conquer Hyrule. Princess Zelda has to run away and find Link, the hero of time.

However, unlike other Zelda entries, Breath of the Wild offers an open world. This means players can choose the order of dungeons to conquer before facing Ganon. It may be interesting to see just how the game’s producers came up with this idea.

A Little History Trip

Forbes emphasized that Breath of the Wild is in fact one of the highest-rated series in the history of some review websites. For instance, OpenCritic gave the game a 98-percent score. This beat Grand Theft Auto 5 (at 96) and The Last Of Us Remastered (at 95).

It may take Metacritic to give an aggregate score to the game. However, it can be noted that only one title has ever achieved a 99-percent rating in the website. Metacritic gave this score to Zelda Ocarina of Time. This means Breath of the Wild has gathered a lot of pressure from its siblings. Regardless, all Zelda titles can be considered under a lot of pressure, given its history.

The first Zelda game launched in 1986. This makes the high-fantasy game one of the oldest in the history of gaming. It currently has 18 games in its huge list of entries. In fact, the three-part miniseries is not the first time Zelda had non-game media associated with it.

Zelda television series aired in 1989 to supplement the game’s popularity. Nintendo also commissioned manga adaptations that have been produced since 1997. These are testament that Zelda is indeed one of the Nintendo’s most successful gaming franchises.

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