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Westworld Finale & Spoilers: What To Expect Before The End

Westworld Finale
Screen grab from HBO YouTube Channel


Westworld Finale & Spoilers: What To Expect Before The End

The Westworld Finale is on the cards and expect some explosive drama before it all ends. There are several spoilers for the finale that are already doing the rounds online. The tenth and final episode will run for 90 minutes.

The Westworld finale episode will be called The Bicameral Mind. HBO has already sparked greater excitement amongst fans by releasing two new photographs. There are photos showing Dolores, Teddy and Maeve with the Man in Black.

These have sparked rumors of the Westworld finale being a firecracker of an episode. The show will seemingly end with an increased focus on these four characters. Polygon reports that Maeve’s squad has been shown with four people. They have been depicted in a basement room somewhere.

This may hint at Maeve’s early attempts to get out of this building. Felix and Maeve have been joined by two other hosts. These are Hector and Armistice who were killed by Maeve in the last episode. The latter is seen wearing a brown colored cloak while the former has a mechanic’s uniform to flaunt.

Maeve is shown wearing a black coat over her basic outfit and her hair is tied in a bun. Maeve is likely to be able to build an army of her own. Teddy is seen witnessing past events and trying to work out what actually happened to him.

What Happens to Dolores & Teddy?

There will be several flashbacks likewise. Dolores is seen in a blue dress and she and Teddy may learn more about the massacre and Wyatt’s killings. Did Dolores kill Wyatt? This rumor will probably be addressed in the finale as per Collider.

The Man in Black is shown with Dolores in the graveyard where her name is also on a cross. This points at Dolores dying eventually or being killed by Teddy after he learns the truth behind Wyatt’s death. Dolores will get several answers to her doubts in the finale.

The finale will be shown on the 4th of December, Sunday, at 9 PM ET on HBO.

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