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What Is DestinyCon: Destiny Devs Hint At Future Convention



What Is DestinyCon: Destiny Devs Hint At Future Convention

Fans of Bungie’s Destiny have something else to look forward to aside from Destiny 2. The company has just trademarked DestinyCon. Does this mean players are getting an official Destiny convention?

Players of Destiny have currently just moved on from the game’s Christmas event. This only leaves the expectations for Destiny 2 on a high note, especially for a potential PC release. However, fans are taking it to social media after something called a DestinyCon has just been trademarked.

The trademark for DestinyCon poses a lot of interesting questions to fans. Bungie has not given any official announcement related to the trademark, but it may only be a matter of time. Regardless, fans did not spare any moment to speculate.

Trademark Implications

Destiny developer Bungie and publisher Activision have just trademarked the aforementioned name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This news was courtesy of DualShockers, which elaborated it was filed under classification 41. The trademark places the name under “fan conventions,” with its description reading it was something Destiny-related.

Interestingly, this is not the first time players have seen conventions related to games. BlizzCon is a convention dedicated entirely to Blizzard and its hit franchises. Another is Call of Duty XP, which focused primarily on Call of Duty games.

There are no confirmations from Bungie or Activision as to just what the trademark is about. However, the news did immediately garner reactions from fans. This is of course because a fan-organized Destiny convention already exists.

Destiny Community Con was created by streamers Kevin Murray, King Gothalion and Professor Broman last year. According to Game Rant, they were careful not to brand the event DestinyCon because it can cause infringement concerns. After the event, it was even rebranded as GuardianCon, with this year’s convention to occur on June 30 in Tampa, Florida.

Speculations, Reactions

Does this mean the new trademark is an official Destiny convention in the works? Not necessarily, as companies tend to do trademarks for titles they may or may not use in the future. One such instance is the trademarking of Fallout New Orleans, which took place last year. It was an official trademark, but no known usage for the brand was seen.

Regardless, some of the GuardianCon creators and fans have elaborated on the issue. Both Professor Broman and Gothalion were quick to take to Twitter in order to stop potential controversies. They both acknowledged that it may be a move on the part of Bungie to protect the term in the future.

Regardless, Destiny is currently continuing with its regular weekly schedule. Points to watch out for are potential updates sometime in the Spring, and a mid-February patch. Destiny Rise of Iron is available now on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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