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What Is The Frog Fractions Game: Here’s Why It’s So Important

Frog Fractions

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What Is The Frog Fractions Game: Here’s Why It’s So Important

What is Frog Fractions? It is fascinating to see independent titles compete with almost life-like games released today. Here is a look at a game that is on its way to becoming a cult classic.

It is peculiar to see players of Fractions 2 rave about the game so much. While avid gamers are raving about graphics-heavy titles such as Final Fantasy 15, here comes a game that looks much like a NES game with the swagger of a big-budget video game.

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What is Frog Fractions?

The cult popularity of this game dates back four years ago. In addition, it is a browser game that ridicules the edutainment genre.

Players are tasked to control a frog who eats bugs and shields fruits. It is important to note that the game does not teach fractions. However, it displays the player’s score the way fractions are written. Meanwhile, users can upgrade the frog’s abilities by using the points it won in the game.

Twinbeard Studios’ Project

The game is a side project of independent developer Jim Crawford. Furthermore, he originally developed the game for his friends. Which explains the weird features and crazy storyline. Crawford told PCWorld that he created the game with a motivation to see his friends’ reactions over the peculiar features he added over every weekend when it was first developed in 2012.

It is quite evident that Frog Fractions is more of a gag than it is an educational game. The frog gives way to a dragon, a lair nested underwater, which then leads to a courthouse and a pornography business. This is just the tip of the iceberg of craziness that Crawford developed for the game.

Crawford’s work hit a gold mine when the game he created for his friends reached thousands of gamers. The strangeness and simplicity exemplified in playing equated to a fun experience. Moreover, it can be finished in an hour or so. It is a breath of fresh air to elaborate gameplay that is usually seen in the industry today. Frog Fractions can be played for free on any browser in Twinbeard Studios website.

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