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What The Resident Evil 7 Ending Means & The Franchise’s Future

Resident Evil 7
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What The Resident Evil 7 Ending Means & The Franchise’s Future

The Resident Evil 7 ending is triggering multiple meanings as far as players and fans are concerned. There is speculation over the future of this hugely popular franchise as well. Additionally, it is possible to emerge victorious within 10 hours.

Several gamers are already exposed to either one or two Resident Evil 7 endings. However, some of them are quite confused with these endings. This extends particularly to those playing this survival and horror-based game for the first time.

Resident Evil 7 is confusing players with its complex ending. The ending has major implications for the future of the franchise, as per Game Rant. It sets the foundation for a sequel as per sources.

The Two Endings 

The protagonist Ethan Winters has to make a vital choice. This bifurcates the story into two paths. He has to choose between providing a serum to Mia (his wife) or Zoe (Baker family member). There are consequences to be faced for both these choices.

Ending 1 or the good conclusion according to many is when the serum is given to Mia. Mia successfully survives the nightmarish consequences in this case. She also receives medical treatment on the helicopter which comes at the end.

The second ending has Mia stabbed with a crowbar through her chest. Ethan flees the Baker family estate alone on the helicopter. Eveline is a common link to both endings.

Who is Eveline?

Eveline is revealed to be the lab-created E-Series bio-weapon. She goes undercover in several locations as a little creepy girl. Eventually, Eveline brings the entire Baker family under her own control. She transforms them into murderers and cannibals.

While transporting Eveline on a ship, Mia later mysteriously disappears. Eveline also spawns the Molded monsters on the ship.

Jack Baker discovered Eveline and Mia after the ship wrecked at Louisiana. The twist happens when we find out that Eveline is the old woman sitting in a rocking chair at several zones in the game. Eveline also reveals her true self, namely a huge beast with black tentacles.

GameSpot also reports that a helicopter appears at the end. A man tosses Ethan the weapon used to kill Eveline. This man goes by the name Redfield, and it is implied that he is the one and only Chris Redfield, a well-known protagonist in the franchise.

Capcom is already releasing a free expansion in 2017 which is named Not a Hero. This will have Chris Redfield in the lead role in place of Ethan. The game is available for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation VR.

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