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What To Expect From Nokia 3310 Relaunch: Specs, Updates & More

Nokia 3310
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What To Expect From Nokia 3310 Relaunch: Specs, Updates & More

HMD Global revealed the Nokia 3310 relaunch during the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The Finnish tech company started its panel by unveiling the revamped version of the classic phone released in September 2000. Alongside its design, the tech giant announced the official specs of its upcoming phone.

One of the features that HMD Global featured includes the long life that the previous phone had. The phone would only be qualified as a feature phone since it can only access limited internet facilities. It only has 2.5G connectivity, slower than the 3G or 4G commonly used today.

The Nokia 3310 would have a S30+ operating system, which is slower and weaker than the Android and iOS. It would enable the phone to browse the internet but with a smaller range.

Nokia 3310 to Have 22 Hours of Battery Life

Since it would only be a feature phone and not a smartphone, its camera only has two megapixels. However, its battery life compensated for all the low features that it has. BBC reports that the upcoming phone would have at least one month of standby time.

But, if consumers would use the phone on a daily basis for calls, it would only have at least 22 hours of talk time. Fans of the device also took note of the modernized version of the classic Snake pre-installed.

According to Nokia, the revamped phone will be available in four different colors: Warm Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, and Grey. The first two would have a glossy finish while the other two would have matte cover. HMD Global prices the revamped phone at €49 or US$51.75 upon its launch.

HMD Global Announces Nokia 6, 5 & 3 Alongside Nokia 3310 Relaunch

The tech company had also revealed its high-end smartphone called the Nokia 6 that would rival Samsung’s Galaxy S Series and Apple’s iPhone. It features a 16-megapixel rear camera, a 5.5-inch and 1080p screen, and the Google Assistant Helper to rival Apple’s Siri.

The Nokia 6 would be priced at €229 or US$242 for its standard version and €299 or US$316 for the glossy black special edition. Meanwhile, the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 would have lower specs than the Nokia 6 and would cost cheaper.

HMD Global has chosen Taiwan’s Foxconn to manufacture the upcoming phones. Foxconn has experience working with other tech giants, Apple and Samsung, so analysts believe that HMD Global would achieve the goals it has set for its phones.

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