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What To Expect From The Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Release Date

Kingdom Hearts 2.8
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What To Expect From The Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Release Date

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 finally released last Thursday, January 12 in Japan. It’s one of the most anticipated games this year that it even reached number 1 in terms of sales as reported by

For those who don’t have Kingdom Hearts 2.8 yet though, Video Games Republic has you covered. We bring you what to expect before purchasing the game.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will contain a series of stories that will introduce you to a new world. It will also let you witness and play Aqua’s journey in the game.

Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover

Kingdom Hearts X will provide you with an 80 minute cinematic film. This isn’t like the previous Kingdom Hearts HD remasters wherein it will only show you a collection of cutscenes. Rather, this will be a fresh new film that’s surely a treat for fans who have been waiting for this game for a long while.

Dream Drop Distance

A few features can be seen in Dream Drop Distance or 3D. For instance, Aqua can use Flowmotion to navigate her surroundings. Command Styles are also available.

However, things that changed are Drop Times, Dive Mode and the Command Deck.

A Fragmentary Passage

A Fragmentary Passage follows directly after Birth by Sleep. Here you’ll be able to control Aqua throughout the game. It is recommended that one should have knowledge of Birth By Sleep to appreciate the events that lead up to it.

Other Details

What’s fun to spot in Kingdom Hearts is the integration of Disney characters and worlds in the game. For KH 2.8, you’ll find references to Cinderella as you play.

KH 2.8 will also have hints of what to expect in Kingdom Hearts 3 according to reports. So keep your eyes peeled on every little detail.

KH 2.8 is now available on the Playstation 4 in Japan while it will be released world wide on January 24..

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