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Where & How To Watch The Gravity Rush Anime

Gravity Rush anime
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Where & How To Watch The Gravity Rush Anime

The gaming community is definitely feeling the love this Christmas season with all the Holiday deals, sales and discounts. The most recent drop that feels like a Christmas present was the release of the promised Gravity Rush Anime, The Animation: Overture.

Where to watch Part A and Part B of the newly released Gravity Rush anime?

The Animation: Overture was announced earlier this year but it is only now that it is made available. Even though there was a long wait to watch it, the timing is actually perfect considering that the drop was made a few weeks before Gravity Rush 2.

The Gravity Rush anime will put so much momentum in the highly awaited action adventure video game. The anime is intended to fill the gap between the first and the second release of Gravity Rush. It continues the big cliffhanger that ended the first release of the game.

Gravity Rush The Animation – Overture follows Kat and Raven during the events leading up to Gravity Rush 2 game play. It starts off with Kat’s meal being interrupted, but it soon turns out to be a bit more serious with Raven pointing out the occurrence of more gravity storms and a more active Nevi.

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According to a report by Gamespot, Overture was produced by Studio Khara which is known for its work and contributions on the highly successful Evangelion series, Halo Legends anime and Persona 4.

The full 17 minutes of The Animation: Overture was cut into two parts: Part A and Part B. As reported by SiliconEra, Sony Interactive Entertainment uploaded both parts of the anime to its European and North American YouTube accounts. A Blu-ray edition of it will be included in the purchase of the upcoming video game.

Although the official release date of the game is on January 20, 2017, the demo is currently available on the PlayStation Store.

Gravity Rush anime, Overture, can also be watched on the embedded videos below. Happy watching!

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