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Who Is Capcom Cup 2016’s Biggest Competition: Meet Seon-woo Lee
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Who Is Capcom Cup 2016’s Biggest Competition: Meet Seon-woo Lee

The “Infiltration” Seon-woo Lee is one of the top contenders for the Capcom Cup 2016. Founded in the year 2013, the Capcom Cup is an annual fighting game tournament held in California. It is mainly focused on the Street Fighter franchise, but also includes other Capcom and crossover fighting games, such as Marvel vs. Capcom and Tekken X Street Fighter.

Mr. Seon-woo Lee, more known around the gaming community by his handle name the “Infiltration”, is the latest champion in the Evolution Championship Series 2016 for Street Fighter V with a $50,000 grand prize. The “Infiltration” is currently preparing for the Capcom Cup 2016 after a hiatus when he won at the Evolution Championship Series 2016. Would Mr. Seon-woo Lee be able to take home the trophy this year?

Check out the following video to watch the “Infiltration” in action!

How it all began for the “Infiltration” Seon-woo Lee:

Hailing from Seoul, South Korea. 31-year-old Mr. Seon-woo Lee grew up playing fighting games as a kid, being born in the glorious Street Fighter II era. However, it wasn’t until the year 2008 that he took fighting games seriously and started playing competitively. It was the year 2010 when Mr. Seon-woo Lee experienced first hand being on top when he won 3rd place for the Evolution Championship Series, and also in the ESWC.

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The “Infiltration” is coming for this year’s Capcom Cup

The “Infiltration” attained his first victory in the Capcom Cup as a fourth placer, then got knocked down into seventh the following year. He mainly uses Nash as his character. This Capcom Cup 2016, he is among the top 5 qualifiers, as posted in the GameNGuide website.

Anyone who is serious in participating in the Capcom Cup 2016 better learn more about the “Infiltration”, as he would most likely a great hindrance on the path to victory.

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