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Wii U Project Giant Robot Cancelled By Nintendo: Here’s Why

Wii U Project Giant Robot


Wii U Project Giant Robot Cancelled By Nintendo: Here’s Why

The Wii U Project Giant Robot has been cancelled by Nintendo. This cancellation comes amidst confirmation of this project not being included in the company’s earnings report. The official cancellation of the project is rankling industry watchers.

This is because the Wii U Project Giant Robot had been in the developmental phase for several years. However, Nintendo has already confirmed news of the cancellation. The company states that the project “will no longer be released.”

Company representatives have already spoken on the Wii U Project Giant Robot. They state that this decision came about after a consideration of total “product and development strategy.” GameSpot reports that the project had already been shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2014.

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The project received a display alongside Project Guard and Star Fox. Shigeru Miyamoto had played a part in designing the project. The project aimed to tap into the Wii U GamePad’s capabilities. The game originally focused on combating huge robots with regular buttons and gyro controls combined together.

The earnings document released by Nintendo did list this project for an official launch sometime in 2015’s first half. This took place in spite of a mere demo reveal of the project at E3. However, the release date started becoming more and more hazy with the release calendar not displaying relevant information.

The name of the project is also absent in the new calendar from Nintendo available through its earnings report. The cancellation at this time comes as no surprise to experts who have been following developments over the last couple of years.

Wii U hardware production is also coming to a close. Nintendo also indicated that “no new development” is on the cards for Wii U after the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Yet, this statement still leaves hope for existing Nintendo projects to receive Wii U launches.

Project Giant Robot Cancellation- How Surprising Is it? 

Even if that happens, Project Giant Robot is clearly off the radar, and permanently at that. IGN also confirms that this project will not be seeing the light of day anytime soon. The game, while on display in 2014, had earned a listing in the “Launch Schedule of Primary Nintendo Products.”

This list appeared in the Q3 earnings document released by Nintendo in 2014. The cancellation is a natural development for many after Nintendo confirmed the discontinuation of Wii U consoles. The Legend of Zelda will be the last game for this console.

The company is now preparing to launch the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. Nintendo is betting big on this console to lure more customers and jack up sales figures.

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