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Will Miguel Ferrer Stay On NCIS Los Angeles Cast – Details Here

Miguel Ferrer
Image Source: NCIS Los Angeles Facebook Account


Will Miguel Ferrer Stay On NCIS Los Angeles Cast – Details Here

Miguel Ferrer’s health flooded the internet when rumors about him suffering from a stroke started circulating. Many fans of the actor and the show NCIS Los Angeles were greatly concerned about his well-being and also, if he will be able to continue portraying his role in the show, Owen Granger.

What happened to Miguel Ferrer?

NCIS Los Angles actor Miguel Ferrer is feared to have suffered a stroke recently. The rumor started when viewers of the show noticed his slurred speech over the past couple of episodes. The rumor escalated more when his family’s health history was made known to the public.

According to a report by Morning Ledger, Ferrer’s father, Jose Ferrer, died from colon cancer in 1992. His mother, on the other hand, died of lung cancer. Considering that cancer is often hereditary, there is a high chance that their son, actor Miguel Ferrer, will also have it.

The actor nor his representatives have gone forward to clear the issue about his health. Apart from the apparent slurred speech and family health history, there are no other reasons to support the claim that he did have a stroke recently.

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Will Miguel Ferrer still be on NCIS Los Angeles?

Like his health, the actor and his representatives have not said anything about his rumored departure from the show. Miguel Ferrer has been on the show for four years now but rumors about him leaving the hit TV series never happened until now.

Miguel Ferrer Health

Image Source: @NCISLA Twitter Account

His suspected stroke and teased cast departure made people speculate that it is him who will be leaving NCIS LA. The speculation grew even more as Daniela Ruah confirmed that she was only on maternity leave. According to a report by Travelers Today, she is now back on the show’s set.

It is still not clear now if Miguel Ferrer will soon leave the show. But for now, he is still part of it.

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