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Windows 10 Update To Bring Intelligent Lock To PCs In April

Windows 10
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Windows 10 Update To Bring Intelligent Lock To PCs In April

The latest Windows 10 update promises to boost overall functionality. Dynamic Lock will now be a major feature. This will facilitate intelligent PC locking and should get a launch in April 2017.

The Windows 10 update has generated huge excitement amongst users. Windows Hello compliant devices can easily log into your device. However, the Dynamic Lock feature keeps a tab on this.

This Windows 10 update is internally called Windows Goodbye. Tech 2 reports that this feature will ascertain whether you are actually using your device or not. In case you are not, the device will then use the automatic locking mechanism.

What This Feature Entails 

This feature is a godsend for those worried about security issues. Windows can automatically lock devices already. This locking happens after a pre-fixed period when you are not active.

However, Dynamic Lock will be more responsive and way smarter. Dynamic Lock will tap into the Windows Hello compatible cameras. It may also use proximity sensors to witness whether you are at your desk or not.

There are hopes of no automatic locking when you are present but not using your device. This feature is one of the major attractions within the Creators Update. Express also confirms the use of the Windows Hello facial detection feature for tracking.

This ensures instant tracking whether users are actually using the machine or not. The update is due for a launch in April 2017 and this is confirmed. Windows users can also log into their own PCs using Hello.

This works through a swift facial scan. Microsoft has already been working on monitoring the information shared with it by users. This had already come to light sometime earlier.

Other Vital Information 

There will be a brand new privacy dashboard available. This will enable users to check their own browsing history in Bing and Microsoft Edge. Location activity can also be checked through this exercise.

All of this can be easily wiped out whenever a user desires so. Users can also edit data stored by Microsoft Health and Cortana. They will go through this privacy set-up when starting their device for the very first time.

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