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Windows 10 Update To Include 3D Capabilities For Photo & Video

Windows 10


Windows 10 Update To Include 3D Capabilities For Photo & Video

An upcoming Windows 10 update is expected to introduce 3D photo and video capabilities. Last year, the number of Windows Phone users went down significantly. iOS and Android smartphones dominated global sales charts as always.

However, the scenario is set to change with a new update on the cards. This will introduce several exciting features to lure more users. Microsoft is reportedly working on features like 3D Preview and viewing of 3D Content, according to Gizbot.

The new update will definitely please committed users worldwide. These features are expected to be introduced by early 2017 itself. Users will soon be able to create their own 3D content.

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More 3D Features To Expect 

Users will be able to watch videos in 3D format on YouTube. 3D content can also be viewed through the 3D Preview feature. 3D photos and videos can also be captured with this update. The Edge browser will also get a much needed update as per The Globe and Mail.

This update will help facilitate easier online payment systems. Greater security will be ensured for merchants and users alike. The whole flurry of 3D features is expected to make this a more appealing platform for smartphone users.

The new update announcement has not been formally made as of yet. However, an official word from Microsoft is expected sometime soon. Windows users will soon be able to setup Microsoft Wallets on Edge.

More Features On The Anvil

Thereafter, all these users will be logged in automatically to their wallets whenever they shop online. Card credentials of users will be securely saved as well. This information will only be available to selected merchants.

Additionally, all devices will come with the integrated bookstore for Edge. This will help users bookmark or even save EPUB books. 2017 is set to be a fantastic year for Microsoft with the Windows 10 update.

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