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World Of Warcraft Gold Can Now Be Used For Other Blizzard Games

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World Of Warcraft Gold Can Now Be Used For Other Blizzard Games

World of Warcraft gold can now be spent in other games developed by Blizzard. This has just been officially announced by the company. Players can easily convert their in-game gold into credit which can be spent in other games created by the company.

This announcement has come as a pleasant surprise to World of Warcraft players and fans. This step goes far beyond the WoW tokens launched by Blizzard in 2016 for the game. WoW tokens represent a currency that players can snap up with in-game gold or even real cash.

They can also spend the same for added World of Warcraft gaming time. Gamasutra confirms that Blizzard is now opening up some really interesting possibilities from an economic perspective. This particular step can prove to be a major game changer for the company.

How Does This Step Impact Players?

This step directly impacts the company’s own online gaming ecosystem. This is because players can spend their credit on almost everything. This includes items in games like Overwatch or Hearthstone and other Blizzard games.

Some limits have been imposed on players though. They cannot opt for direct conversion of this credit into actual cash. Also, not using a Blizzard authenticator on an account will equate to restrictions imposed on the maximum credit balance of the same.

These limits are deemed necessary in order to preserve the sanctity of the transactional ecosystem that Blizzard is looking to build. Destructroid also confirms that players can now use their gold for credit balance.

Once you swap your gold for any WoW token, you can redeem the same pretty easily. The trinket can be redeemed to get game time equivalent to 30 days. You can alternatively get credit worth $15, which is also a welcome feature.

There are several gamers who divide their time between several games by Blizzard. These games feature multifarious products and items that can be bought with store credit or actual currency. As a result, this new option is definitely a smart decision from Blizzard since it does empower players in a big way.

Gold Valuation of Tokens

The gold value of all tokens is always calculated on a dynamic basis. This takes into account overall demand and supply ratios before arriving at the final value. Players who do possess a pile of gold will benefit from this move.

Suppose you want a specific and seasonal skin from Overwatch or any other item. You can now get it pretty easily with your World of Warcraft in-game gold. However, the method of determination of gold value means that the pricing points may not always be to your satisfaction.

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