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World Of Warcraft News: How To Access Secret Cow Level

World Of Warcraft
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World Of Warcraft News: How To Access Secret Cow Level

World Of Warcraft may be silent after its Necromancer DLC two months ago. But this time, there is a new announcement from WOW which is no doubt great news for its gamers.

As Diablo celebrates their 20th anniversary, they have brought a secret cow level to the game. In the said level, the players could acquire some loot and will have the privilege to earn a limited time achievement.

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World Of Warcraft Cow Level

The cow world level is a good way to celebrate the creation of the PC game. Well, this is supposed to be a secret but those who are eager to check it could actually get into it.

Since the anniversary event is already live, some players already discovered where to find the secret cow level. As a matter of fact, there is a video showing details on how to defeat the cows. Wowhead’s tutorial will surely come in handy to players who would like to have a rare encounter with the cows.

To recall, World Of Warcraft has full references to other games under Blizzard. This includes the Ogrewatch parody of Overwatch which manifests its possible reference to the cow level of Diablo 2. Such is being fulfilled today following the announcement of the secret cow level.

How To Access Secret Cow Level

In order to access the secret cow level, one needs to find the Treasure Goblin. One needs to kill the Diablo-inspired goblins in order to open a portal to the Secret Cow Level. The goblin could be found in the Broken Isles, in Legion dungeons and in the Dalaran Sewers.

Once a player gets into the portal, there will be an encounter with Diabolic Bovine and the Rare Elite The Cow King. The realm is a new version of Yorgen Farmstead in Duskwood. It is said that when one dies in Duskwood, the player will be completely out of the phase, GameRant reported.

While dealing with the Cow King, special items will be given including the twelve-string guitar. Learning how to use it will unlock Diablo’s 20th Anniversary achievement. As for the special loot, it can only be acquired once per day per character.

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