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World War 3 News 2016: Russia vs NATO War Starts in Latvia or Estonia Says Expert

World War 3 News 2016
Wikimedia Commons/World Economic Forum


World War 3 News 2016: Russia vs NATO War Starts in Latvia or Estonia Says Expert

World War 3 news updates have come in about Russia taking on NATO. The war is expected to commence in Latvia or Estonia. This has been predicted by an expert who has earlier predicted the Crimean and Ukrainian invasions.

New World War 3 news have been provided by Professor Paul D Miller from Washington. He feels that Vladimir Putin and Russia will play an underhand game for annexing Baltic State.

The Sun also reports that Donald Trump will also play a pivotal role in the possible World War 3. Trump will reportedly have to decide whether to back a NATO member against the powerful Russia.

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Latvia will be the epicenter of a Third World War in case the United States decides to support Latvia according to Miller. The professor also believes that Russia is also targeting Estonia after Latvia.

Due to both these Baltic nations being members of NATO, all fellow members are warranted to support it under the alliance pact itself. This will certainly spark World War 3 once it happens. This warning from Miller comes at a very crucial time.

Vladimir Putin is already showing his desire to revive ties with the United States via Trump. Putin has already annexed Crimea and continues to back Bashar al-Assad, the dictator in Syria. Trump has already expressed his doubts on helping out allies in NATO.

What Miller Thinks About Putin’s Attack Tactics

Putin will not directly invade Latvia according to Miller, and will instead seek to create a situation where civil wars are unavoidable. Putin will spark unrest and incite the 25% Russians living in the otherwise tiny country.

He will make use of several proxies over the next couple of years. Russian speaking Estonian or Latvian citizens will start riots, demanding their rights. They will claim that they are being persecuted and will seek global protection, notes Miller

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There will be a skilled Popular Front for the Liberation of the Russian Baltics army. This will suddenly come up on the horizon and may help Russia’s eventual goals. Putin has already vetoed the setting up of a global peacekeeping force at the United Nations.

The Suwalki Gap could be another epicenter for a Third World War since this connects Kaliningrad to Belarus. Russia has a massive fleet stationed here along with air bases and the Iskander-M missile system capable of demolishing targets even 310 miles away!

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