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World War 3 News: Donald Trump Supports War! Uses Twitter for Official Statements

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World War 3 News: Donald Trump Supports War! Uses Twitter for Official Statements

World War 3 may happen very soon, but Donald Trump is supporting a different type of war and is using Twitter to make this known.

The new president-elect of the United States of America has seen nothing but controversy since he was proclaimed winner of the US Elections 2016. While a lot of people have taken the streets to protest Mr Trump’s win, the billionaire seems unfazed and continues with the process of his transition. Watching closely is, like always, the media — reporting every (important!) move the incoming president is doing. However, Trump isn’t very happy with this and he’s calling out the media about it.

There’s nothing new with Mr Trump’s love-and-almost-always-hate relationship with the press. As a matter of fact, the media weren’t welcome at his rallies and were constantly booed by his supporters. Nonetheless, as is customary, reporters still continue to follow him. Yet Trump wants none of it.

According to The Guardian, the president-elect has been “ducking” reporters and instead uses his Twitter account to to make official statements or dispel rumors. He even slammed New York Times for it’s report on a tumultuous transition of his presidency — all on the social media platform.

Former speechwriter for George W Bush, David Frum, also had the same sentiments — questioning the means by which Trump is making his sentiments known. Not by a press conference with the media, not via official statement, but by using Twitter.

Donald Trump Twitter Rage Boosts Media Subscriptions

While Donald Trump may think his media snubbing affects the press negatively, it may be farther from the truth. According to New York Times Communications, since reporting about The Apprentice boss’ whereabouts, the company has seen a surge in subscribers of up to 400%.

The Washington Post also echoed the same sentiments, getting over 100 million visitors for the month of October, while covering the crazy presidential campaigns.

According to MarketWatch, donations for nonprofit investigative news outlets also saw an increase.

“We’re still in the middle of processing it, and they’re still coming in. We’re averaging one gift per minute,” ProPublica President Richard Tofel told the site.

“A lot of people, in response to the election, feel the need to take civic action. A fair number are doing so by supporting a vigorous press, and we’re honored.”

While President Donald Trump continues to wage war against the media, the press will continue to appreciate the traffic surge its getting. So really, no one wins a war. Be it the World War 3 or Trump’s media war.

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