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World War 3 News: Did Russia Confirm USA Alliance – Switzerland Joins War


World War 3 News: Did Russia Confirm USA Alliance – Switzerland Joins War

World War 3 News updates are abuzz about Russia entering into an alliance with USA. While Switzerland may have joined the war against Russia as Swiss fighter jets recently hounded the Russian presidential plane on its way to a summit in Lima.

This recent development may have confirmed Switzerland’s intentions.

World War 3 news updates are speculating about a possible mending of ties between Russia and the USA. Vladimir Putin has already talked of how new president-elect Donald Trump wants to restore ties. Putin also talked of welcoming outgoing president Barack Obama in his country.

Reuters reports that Trump will do his best towards improving USA-Russia relations. Putin has confirmed this and also desires the same. However, Putin revealed that no official meeting was on the cards for now.

“The President-elect confirmed he is willing to normalize Russian-American relations. I told him the same. We did not discuss where and when we would meet,” the Russian President revealed.

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He also expressed his gratitude to President Obama for all the “years of joint work.”  He also expressed his wish to host Obama in Russia “anytime he wants” or desires. With USA and Russia seemingly patching up its ties, latest World War 3 news updates are now pointing at Switzerland joining the crusade against Russia.

The Sun reports that Putin’s plane started being hounded by Swiss fighter jets en route to Peru. There were three Air Force F/A 18 jets escorting the Russian plane out of the Swiss airspace. These jets chased one of Putin’s official planes all throughout Switzerland till the borders.

Why did the Swiss Jets came close?

The act has led to an escalation of tensions between Russia and several European countries. Russian Pioneer editor in chief Andrey Kolesnikov has confirmed the incident at length. He revealed that the plane was blocked by fighter jets from three sides.

The plane contained the Russian delegation for the conference in Peru. Kolesnikov talked of the jets being so close to the presidential plane that he could see the faces of the pilots. There were fears of the presidential plane being forced to execute an emergency landing at one point. However, when the plane reached the border, the fighter jets pulled back all of a sudden.

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Russia has already asked the Swiss Government for an explanation over this incident. The Russian Embassy in Switzerland has already expressed its surprise and shock at the recent development.

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