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WoW Brawler’s Guild Adds Overwatch References – Details Here

WoW Brawler's Guild

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WoW Brawler’s Guild Adds Overwatch References – Details Here

The return of the WoW Brawler’s Guild makes for exciting news for fans. World of Warcraft, after all, is one of the most popular games on offer. However, what makes things more exciting is that there are tons of references to Overwatch.

The WoW Brawler’s Guild being littered with references to Overwatch is of special interest for a particular reason. Overwatch is a fellow game brought out by Blizzard. The Guild will make its comeback through the 7.1.5 patch.

This will have a special Ogrewatch challenge which is quite in your face. GameSpot reports that the WoW Brawler’s Guild will have Rank 6 bosses including Hudson. He will be armed with equipment like the Tesla Cannon, Jump Pack and Barrier Projector.

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Other References to Overwatch

This is quite similar to Winston in Overwatch. Other characters include Dupree who is a lot like McCree and possesses the ability named as Highnoon. Additionally, there is Stuffshrew akin to the Junkrat with the maniacal laugh and explosive capabilities.

There are suggestions of several other characters according to WWG. These characters may include Steingardt akin to Reinhardt and Blinker akin to Tracer. There is also Render who is akin to Reaper. There will also be multiple rewards, buffs and achievements that can easily be bought with special Brawler’s Guild currency.

This currency is earned by players for their participation. This will certainly be something to look forward to. Players are now eagerly awaiting the launch of the 7.1.5 update. This will ensure no more automatic access to the Guild.

What Else to Look Forward To 

This will come into play even if you had previous access to the same. You will now have to get the Blood-Soaked Invitation. This can only be garnered through opening of emissary bags. You can also get the invite through completion of dungeons.

You can also look to combat the elite Vrykul by heading to the Stormheim Shield’s Rest. Once this is secured, you can easily participate in the challenge mode. This is a single player centric challenge.

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