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Xbox Deals With Gold This Week: Rock Band 4, Tropico & More

Xbox Deals With Gold
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Xbox Deals With Gold This Week: Rock Band 4, Tropico & More

If you want to add new games to your Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, then this is the opportunity you are waiting for. There are Xbox Deals With Gold available this week for you. You might want to check these deals so you can get games like Rock Band 4.

Xbox Deals With Gold For Xbox One

A new set of deals are now available this week on Xbox Live. This good news is announced by Major Nelson of Microsoft, giving gamers a rare chance to buy certain titles at a lower cost. The deal includes many Rock Band 4 downloadable content with songs from bands like Blink 182, U2, Queen and others. These are the deals for Xbox One that will be available until January 16.

  • Binaries for $5
  • Castles for $3.74
  • Earthlock: Festival of Magic for $20
  • Fortified for $7.50
  • Ginger: Beyond the Crystal for $15
  • Just Sing for $15
  • Mantis Burn Racing for $10
  • Rock Band Rivals Bundle for $42
  • Rock Band 4 American Idiot for $12.60
  • Rock Band 4 Blind 182 Pack 02 for $3.84
  • Rock Band 4 Going Country Pack 05 for $6
  • Rock Band 4 Linkin Park Pack 01 for $7
  • Rock Band 4 Lynyrd Skynyrd Pack 01 for $5
  • Rock Band 4 Off the Charts Pack 02 for $6
  • Rock Band 4 Pink Pack 01 for $5
  • Rock Band 4 Queen Pack 01 for $11
  • Rock Band 4 The Black Crowes Pack 01 for $3.84
  • Rock Band 4 U2 Essentials Pack for $9.44
  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected for $5
  • Tower of Guns for $7.50

Xbox Deals With Gold For Xbox 360

Xbox Live members could also avail of these deals for Xbox 360 as noted by GameSpot. Aside from this, Xbox Live Gold members could also choose some free games. The Games With Gold lineup includes Deathtrap: World of Van Helsing, Killer Instinct Season 2, Outlast, The Cave and Rayman Origins.

  • Tropico 3 for $2
  • Tropico 4 for $2.50
  • Tropico 4 Modern Times for $1.24
  • Tropico 5 for $6
  • Tropico 5 Epic Meltdown for $2.50
  • Tropic 5 Espionage for $5
  • Tropico 5 Hostile Takeover for $2.50
  • Tropico 5 Paradise Lost for $2.50
  • Tropico 5 Waterborne for $5

More Xbox News

Other Xbox News from The Verge reveals that Microsoft has canceled action game Scalebound. It was supposed to be released on Xbox One and PC but due to its heavy workload, it was no longer continued. Members of the development team stopped working on it for a month because of too much pressure.

Scalebound director Hideki Kamiya said that the game was the studio’s biggest to date. It has a four-player co-operative play feature and a massive boss fight. Prior to its cancellation, the game was set for release this year.

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