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Xbox One Backward Compatible Games List : New AAA Titles Added to List

Xbox One Backward Compatible Games


Xbox One Backward Compatible Games List : New AAA Titles Added to List

The list of Xbox One Backward Compatible Games has expanded again with three games added to its library. The current line up for the Xbox One Backward Compatible Games are: Shadowrun, Space Ark. and Shotest Shogi!

Shadowrun (2007)

Shadowrun is a classic first person shooter based on a sci-fi fantasy tabletop RPG of the same name. Several video game adaptations of the tabletop RPG have been released before this version, starting with the SNES years ago.

The series is especially familiar for those who are active during the fourth generation consoles, as it was also adapted in the Genesis and Sega Mega CD. It wasn’t until the Xbox 360, a seventh generation console, that the tabletop RPG gained another video game adaptation again.

Shadowrun is also remembered for some as the second game next to Final Fantasy XI to allow PC to Xbox 360 crossplay.

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Space Ark

First released in 2010, Space Ark  is a game by Strawdog Studios that offers several modes of game play.

Classified under the arcade genre, its game modes include mission mode, survival mode, and time attack mode. It also has a competitive two player mode.

The game is best remembered for its addicting gameplay and cute and colorful graphics.

Shotest Shogi

A virtual take on Shogi, or Japanese chess for those unfamiliar with the term. First released in 2008, the game is notable for its realistic and competitive A.I. Shotest Shogi is ideal for those who wish to learn how to play Shogi, as well as those who are playing Shogi and in search of a real challenge.

For anyone who doesn’t own a copy of the games above yet, they could be bought at the Xbox Store, according to Game Spot. Shadowrun is priced at $15, while Space Ark. and Shotest Shogi costs $10 each.

According to the Daily Star, the current number of Xbox One Backward Compatible Games is 301.

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