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Xbox One Exclusives 2017: Full List Of Titles Here

Xbox One Exclusives 2017


Xbox One Exclusives 2017: Full List Of Titles Here

Ready to play Xbox? Here’s a list of Xbox One Exclusives to try this weekend.

Rise and Shine

Looking for arcade shooters? Rise and Shine is the perfect game for bullet hells, and puzzle platform with a hint of strategy. Save Gamearth by leading projectiles through mazes, and discover new pathways.

Meanwhile, dash missiles and avoid traps while fighting to prevent destruction. Rise and Shine will be released on January 13.

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 is an upcoming strategy game developed by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly. Set in the year 2559, the sequel returns to the warship named Spirit of Fire. A new alien community known as the Banished disturbs the peace.

This Xbox One Exclusives 2017 title will be released on February 21 2017.


Next, Tacoma is a game set in space. In addition, this game is perfect for gamers who are looking into sharpening their brain’s strategy muscles. Set in the Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma, solve mysteries and catch prizes. Do all these while exploring the station 200,000 miles away from Earth.

Tacoma is scheduled to be released on Xbox One this 2017.


Don’t deal with the devil! Emblazoned in the title of the Xbox One Exclusives 2017 are these words. The coolest thing since sliced bread, Cuphead is a 1930’s inspired video game that lets players run and gun its enemies.

Furthermore, be amazed with the watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings heard while playing. Nevertheless, be nostalgic while trying to defeat the boss. Cuphead will be released in mid-2017.

Crackdown 3

Meanwhile, Crackdown 3 takes players to an open-world action video game. In addition, it continues the series built by other titles since its first release in seven years. Full-scale destruction can be enjoyed by gamers while on multiplayer mode.

However, campaign mode will give players a limited amount of destruction. Crackdown 3 will be released in 2017.

Phantom Dust

In addition, Phantom Dust joins the list of Xbox One Exclusives 2017. It is an action strategy game where players collect over 300 skills. While collecting items, they are led to battle against other players.

This action-adventure title sharpens the mental and reflexive skill of its players. Phantom Dust will hit the shelves in 2017.

Sea of Thieves

Want to play a game that embraces user-generated content? Sea of Thieves have that! This action-adventure game lets players customize their stories while using the in-game tools.

Sea of Thieves will be released in 2017. The game is developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios.

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