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Xbox One Update: How Copilot Feature Works

Xbox One


Xbox One Update: How Copilot Feature Works

The latest Xbox One update adds a new copilot feature to the mix. This is an exciting feature that most users will enjoy. SharePlay is a similar feature for the PlayStation 4 and this one matches up in style!

The latest Xbox One update draws on the SharePlay concept. For PlayStation 4, a player can stream his/her game to any friend online. Thereafter, the game controls can be handed over.

This enables friends to help one another through tricky situations in games. Xbox One now gets this similar feature called copilot. The latest update is available for Xbox Insiders program members.

More Updates & Features 

Gaming Bolt confirms that the Copilot feature is now added. Players can now hand over control of their games to friends online. Someone requiring help to navigate certain parts of any game can ask a friend to help out.

The update is the first installment of the Xbox One Creators Update. This also integrates several accessibility options. The entire user interface is simpler, overall.

There is a new feel and look for Home. Speed optimization has been done and the main tile has also undergone a revamp. There are smaller game icons and there is hero art in the background for the current game that you are playing.

The Guide is already updated and with a single press of the Xbox button on your controller, the Guide is pulled up. There is new functionality and key features including a new start page. This helps you access major content including apps and games.

What Else Can You Expect?

The multi tasking format is apparent everywhere. There is fast access to screen shots, music and Game DVR. Additionally, Guide is easily accessible too. You can use Y or X on the controller for recording favorite gaming moments.

Euro Gamer reports that there are various new Cortana updates. There are alarms and reminders available for gaming sessions on time. There are enhancements to Narrator and Magnifier, to which the experience is enhanced.

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