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Xbox One Update To Replace Snap Feature

Xbox One


Xbox One Update To Replace Snap Feature

Microsoft is replacing the Snap feature in the next Xbox One update. Reports are coming in about this replacement already. This is going to improve overall speed of the console as per sources.

The next Xbox One update will see the replacement of Snap. This feature is quite interesting, though most people do not use it. It helps user run apps or watch television shows simultaneously with games.

The platform head at Xbox, Mike Ybarra, has clarified the move of the Snap. Ybarra states that the next Xbox One update is getting a Snap replacement for lowering memory usage. He adds that overall speed will improve and more resources will be freed for “bigger things”. Game Informer also reports that Ybarra feels that multitasking will improve with this replacement.

Changes to the Dashboard 

The multitasking feature will be available as per Microsoft’s official intimation. However, Snap is no longer getting a mention. The console dashboard is also getting a few changes. The whole mission here is to enhance console performance.

The update is going to be available for owners in April 2017 as per the latest reports. The Verge confirms that Microsoft is killing off the Snap feature.

Microsoft, however, is waking up to the overwhelming need for better performance. The Dashboard has to be improved and it is the same for multitasking. This move will combat dashboard lag as per Microsoft sources.

Is Microsoft Working on a New Mode?

There are reports of Microsoft also working on a special mode. This will enable games to run simultaneously with universal apps. The new dashboard is already up for testing.

There is a new and enhanced guide being worked on. Console owners will not have to switch back to home interfaces for swift access to apps, features and games. The dashboard is currently besieged by some performance and navigation based issues.

Xbox One preview participants are already testing these new features. Microsoft’s latest update for the console is expected alongside the Windows Creators Update.

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