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Xbox Scorpio Release Date Might Not Launch Before E3 2017

Xbox Scorpio
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Xbox Scorpio Release Date Might Not Launch Before E3 2017

Xbox Scorpio fans may be disappointed with some recent events. It appears the release of their much-awaited console won’t be at E3 2017. This recent announcement may further move the launch date of the new console a few years ahead.

This piece of news came from Xbox head Phil Spencer himself. Fans took it to Twitter to ask the head honcho of the gaming console some questions about their latest console. However, one thing is for sure: an E3 2017 release may be unlikely.

This makes 2017 potentially still a year of the current line of consoles. It seems we will be sticking with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for now. That is, until the revolutionary next generation of consoles arrive.

Xbox Scorpio: Updates, New Launch Date

According to Twitter, Spencer was honestly “not sure” if Xbox Scorpio may make an appearance before E3 2017. This is usually the case with other big names’ releases. E3 is after all perhaps the biggest convention on electronics and gaming every year.

Of course, Spencer reiterated that the development of the console is going well. In fact, Halo director Frank O’Connor did say the Scorpio was “beefier” than anticipated. This means development on the console is up and running, and we might be seeing it soon.

Regardless, the Scorpio isn’t off the table yet. After all, Spencer does have a flair of doing “surprise” reveals for fans. Still, a large amount of time right now will be used to focus on the console.

However, whether or not players will be able to experience it firsthand soon is another question. Not a lot of games were teased for the console as well. This adds yet another flair of mystery with the console.

What’s New?

Hopefully this can be a shred of good news for fans. According to Game Rant, this isn’t the first time Spencer has spoken up in the past few days. The cancellation of Scalebound was big news to fans as well.

He said the decision was difficult to make, but still a “better” decision for Xbox gamers. Though he did promise this will not impact on the company taking chances in the future. Whether or not Scalebound will be picked up again by other developers is yet to be decided.

Still, Xbox Scorpio has a lot of shoes to fill. Apparently, it will be greater than both the Xbox One and Xbox One S combined. The Scorpio will also be able to run Microsoft games at a native 4K resolution. Interestingly, it’s also compatible with the Xbox 360 backward compatibility program.

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