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Xbox Scorpio Release Date & News: Graphics To Depend On Devs’ Resources

Xbox Scorpio


Xbox Scorpio Release Date & News: Graphics To Depend On Devs’ Resources

The Xbox Scorpio graphic improvements will be hugely dependent on the allocation of resources by developers. The new console will bank heavily on its super powerful GPU which may get 6 teraflops of computing ability. This should make it the most powerful console ever launched globally.

The Xbox Scorpio may also get tons of improvements from a graphical perspective. However, as per industry experts, the allocation of resources by developers is a vital factor here. Graphics engineers talk of how resource allocation can vary up to 60 fps with rendering at 1080p.

The Xbox Scorpio may benefit from judicious resource allocation. Gaming Bolt reports that developers may want to use most of the power for native 4K rendering. However, they may also wish to go with resolutions that are lower.

What Else is Expected?

This automatically entails graphical effects which are more sophisticated, though the improvements of the console may differ from one game to another. This is the opinion that industry experts hold at present.

Developers also feel that Microsoft will certainly encourage game-to-game improvements. Fans will have to wait till end 2017 to get hold of the Scorpio. This will be a heavily upgraded version of the Xbox One, as per Ars Technica.

However, the Scorpio will not be a replacement for the Xbox One. The console will actually be an augmented platform for several games. It will offer improved graphics with games that will continue functioning on older hardware.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) announcement by Microsoft about the Scorpio promises several things. Firstly, it promises vastly upgraded specifications in comparison to the PlayStation 4 Pro. This claim by Microsoft is exciting tons of fans to say the least! Additionally, it also promises to offer full 4K game support at a whopping 60 frames per second.

Can Microsoft Pull It Off? 

Several industry experts are a little doubtful about Microsoft accomplishing this feat at a price which suits the mass market. The Scorpio will also be the sole Xbox console with VR (virtual reality) support. Microsoft has not provided details on the functioning of this support function though.

Yet, the company may look to collaborate with the Oculus Rift. The Scorpio seems quite utopian on paper as per some experts. Some are hailing this as the next big thing in console based gaming.

Updated information on the release of the Scorpio could be available at E3 2017. The event is taking place in June, 2017.

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