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Xbox Scorpio Release Date: Sneak Peek Stunted By Design Team

Xbox Scorpio


Xbox Scorpio Release Date: Sneak Peek Stunted By Design Team

The Xbox Scorpio release date is a matter of huge speculation amongst tech buffs. There are several rumors doing the rounds. However, very little information is actually available on this hush-hush project.

The Xbox Scorpio is going to be Microsoft’s most ambitious project in this category. Xbox division head Phil Spencer has recently provided some information on a possible sneak peek of the console.

Spencer responded through a comment on Twitter to a question pertaining to a sneak peek of the Xbox Scorpio. Spencer talks about how everything is still under wraps. He also claims that the design outfit is “doing their thing”.

What Else Should You Know? 

Cinema Blend also reports that Phil Spencer has earlier talked of how this will be a “premium console”. However, the word itself is ambiguous and can mean some exciting new features to come. The half generational refresh from Microsoft should launch in 2017’s holiday season.

4K gaming capabilities are going to be available for the console when it launches. It will directly take on the PlayStation 4 Pro. It will also be integral towards giving VR (Virtual Reality) a major push.

Will There Be a VR Component? 

Microsoft has not yet confirmed whether a VR component will be used for Xbox. Microsoft is likely to partner with Oculus to provide a home console for the Rift VR headset for Xbox. The GPU for the Scorpio may possess adequate horsepower for running VR titles.

The Scorpio may be ultra powerful and Microsoft may ensure that ample software is available. There is huge mystery around the Scorpio’s software and hardware. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 is when all this could come to a climax.

GameSpot reports that even Spencer has talked of possibly not showing the Scorpio before E3 in June 2017. Microsoft has always talked of this project as the “most powerful console ever made”. A premium price tag is also expected as a result.

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