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Xbox Scorpio Specs: 4K 60fps Support, Internal Power Supply & More

Xbox Scorpio
Project Scorpio (YouTube/ @Xbox


Xbox Scorpio Specs: 4K 60fps Support, Internal Power Supply & More

Xbox Scorpio – the highly anticipated successor to the Xbox One – will reportedly be featuring some epic specs. According to the latest reports, Scorpio will have true 4K 60fps support along with an internal PSU, to name a few specs.

A new Xbox Scorpio is reportedly underway and will launch this holiday 2017. There haven’t been a lot of details about the upcoming platform but according to the Microsoft Store, the device is already available for pre-order.

Project Xbox Scorpio Specs & Features

In addition to the confirmed 4K and VR features, Windows Central has also published that the gaming device will have something in common with the Xbox One S. Scorpio will come bearing an internal power supply unit or PSU. This element will go a long way to reducing the bulky Xbox power brick.

The Microsoft Store has already revealed that Scorpio will have “4K gaming and high-fidelity virtual reality.” In addition, with a true 4K system, the platform is expected to come with codecs for 4K streaming of Netflix and other services.

However, what makes this new box special is the speculated HEVC for encoding 2160p, 60 frame-per-second (FPS) video for Game DVR and streaming, notes the website. The tech outlet adds that the Beam streaming service has been doing public 4K stream tests for quite some time. This makes it likely that Scorpio’s Game CVR will support 4K resolution with 60FPS. 4K is a welcomed feature by content creators who can close the book on expensive external capture cards.

Aside from this, per the Microsoft Store, the console is being touted to be the “most powerful ever” with “6 teraflops of graphical processing power.” This means that the original Xbox One only carried a fifth of the power that the Scorpio will have.

Project Scorpio Release Date & Price

There is no exact release date however, PC Advisor UK reports. The Xbox One Scorpio should be released this Christmas holiday. More is expected to be revealed on June 11 during a scheduled Microsoft event during the E3 2017.

Presently, a price hasn’t been confirmed but per GameSpot, it will be a “premium” price. It’s likely Scorpio will be more expensive than that $300 Xbox One S. “We’re going to come out on a price that we think is fair for the product that we build and the customers will tell us as they always do,” said Xbox head Phil Spencer.

He added, “I call it premium because I don’t want people to get confused that somehow Scorpio is the thing that is going to take over the Xbox line.” PCA estimates the price will be between £350 to 500 or in US dollars, $430 to $600.

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