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Xbox Scorpio Specs Praised By ‘Halo’ Director: Here’s What He Said

Xbox Scorpio
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Xbox Scorpio Specs Praised By ‘Halo’ Director: Here’s What He Said

Even if the console isn’t released yet, Halo boss Frank O’Connor expressed his admiration for the Xbox Scorpio. The franchise director shared his thoughts about the Scorpio which is currently on production. Although he cannot exactly remember the specs, he had positive feedback about it.

Halo Director Praises The Xbox Scorpio

The 343 Industries franchise development director for Halo explained his thoughts in a thread on NeoGaf. He said that he just saw a slide during the presentation of the Scorpio during the E3 conference in Los Angeles, California. O’Connor said, “What I do remember is that it’s beefier than I expected.”

According to CinemaBlend, there are two possibilities why O’Connor said it. One reason is his task for the PR of Microsoft. He might have expressed his praise to create positive news about Xbox Scorpio. Another reason is that he is genuinely impressed with the Scorpio.

Xbox Scorpio Specs

The specs of Scorpio are impressive. It rocks an octocore with improved APU in Xbox One. It features 6 teraflops worth of power and up to 320GB/s memory transfer speed.

Although Microsoft revealed limited specs, it could be a premium console. GameSpot noted that players could look forward to improved graphics and frame rates as well as quicker load times. Virtual reality might also be possible.

In other news about the console, Microsoft confirmed its release in the holiday season of 2017. The games and the hardware are currently in production. Microsoft is expecting that the console will sell well after PS4 Pro disappointed fans.

With its basic specs and the statement of O’Connor, many are looking forward to the console. Because of its premium specs, it would also come with a high price tag. Nevertheless, gamers would probably buy it no matter what the price is as long as the performance is superb.

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