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Xbox Scorpio Specs: Predicted Features Of Upcoming Console

Xbox Scorpio
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Xbox Scorpio Specs: Predicted Features Of Upcoming Console

The Xbox Scorpio release date has been announced, but Microsoft has confirmed only a few details so far, leading to predictions.

Just to prevent further confusion, the Scorpio is not the same as the Xbox One S, as many people seem to intermix the two as the same console. The Xbox One S would serve as the incremental upgrade for the Xbox One. The Scorpio on the other hand, is a different console. Both were announced during the E3 event this year. The following is what is known about the upcoming Scorpio so far, as well as predictions.

Xbox Scorpio Release Date

Microsoft has announced the release date to be around Holiday 2017, which makes the wait around a year from now.

Confirmed Specs for the Scorpio

Microsoft brags about the Scorpio being the most powerful console ever. And it might really have the specifications to support their claims and back up their words. Here are the confirmed specifications for the Scorpio so far:

  1. Graphical processing power – 6 Teraflops
  2. 8 CPU cores
  3. Memory bandwidth worth 320GB per second.

Microsoft also claims it to be the true 4K gaming console.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Compatibility

Just from the known specifications alone, and the potential VR technology has to offer, the Scorpio is definitely VR compatible. Although, there are some who are still somewhat skeptical when it comes to the current VR technology and what it has to offer right now. After all, not making it VR compatible would make it lose the point of one of its major aims. 4K also plays a factor when it comes to VR compatibility.

The Scorpio is the console that would mark the end of console generations

That appears to be the primary goal of Microsoft with the Scorpio. The current powerful hardware the Scorpio has would provide would a last few good years before requiring an upgrade. Although they haven’t given out other details yet, their claim might not really be plausible despite the current specifications the new box has to offer. Unless the Scorpio has the option for a parts upgrade, just like a PC.

Games for the Scorpio

And what is the point of a gaming console with a powerful hardware, but lacks a library of games to play? Microsoft confirms the backward compatibility with both the Xbox One and 360, which would definitely be one of its major selling factors.

Regarding Scorpio exclusive games- Microsoft hasn’t confirmed exclusive games, but hasn’t ruled them out either. But with the powerful specifications the Xbox Scorpio has to offer, game developers would definitely be attracted to developing exclusive games for it.

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