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Xbox Scorpio Specs & Price: Here’s Why It Could Be Better Than PS4 Pro

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Xbox Scorpio Specs & Price: Here’s Why It Could Be Better Than PS4 Pro

The PlayStation has long been in the market and was the biggest gaming console for many years. It was only in the year 2001 when it was faced with a competitor when Microsoft released the original XBox. After 15 years of the initial release, Microsoft is now developing what is considered as the most powerful console to date, Xbox Scorpio.

How does Xbox Scorpio compare to PlayStation 4 Pro?

In November 10, Sony released its most advanced PlayStation version yet. The PlayStation 4 Pro was released almost three years after the PlayStation 4’s initial roll out, which made PS users really excited for it. It is currently priced at $399. Although considered the much more advanced version of PS4, no hardware specifications were revealed on stage during its recent press conference.

However, according to a report by iTech Post, the company confirmed through a press release that PS4 Pro’s GPU is at 4.2 teraflops. This fact will make the newly released PS4 Pro inferior to Xbox Scorpio. The upcoming Microsoft console is confirmed to have 6 teraflops of GPU which makes it about 43% more powerful.

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The superior teraflop Xbox Scorpio has will deliver better 4K gaming. At one point, Microsoft shared that PlayStation will need to take the six teraflops of power because their current one of 4.2 with PlayStation 4 Pro will not be enough to do true 4k.

How much will Microsoft’s most advanced console be selling for?

Xbox Scorpio head Albert Penello did not disclose the specific price and the actual release date of the console. He did, however, drop big hints about it. The upcoming invention will definitely be priced, for obvious reasons, higher than Xbox One S which is currently selling at $350.

According to a report by Express, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that the upcoming console will be a premium one. And considering the fact that it is more advanced than the PS4 Pro is an indication that it will also be priced higher than the newly released console. It is, however, unlikely to reach a $500 price tag. As for the release date, the only thing Spencer said was that it will come out on a 2017 holiday.

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