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Xbox UI Update: Copilot Feature, New Streaming Platform & More

Xbox UI Update
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Xbox UI Update: Copilot Feature, New Streaming Platform & More

The new Xbox UI update is now available for everyone to enjoy. Its ultimate end goal seems to focus on speed more than anything, with features that will grant quick access in order to perform tasks much easier with more efficiency.

What’s Part Of The Xbox UI Update

The new software upgrade has revealed an updated interface that features a new achievement tracker, as well as an improved Guide that will allow much easier access to game recording, recently used apps, and the like. Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant has also received an improvement, as the voice assistant, Cortana, now has an overlay that will not disrupt users with their current tasks.

Additionally, the new update allows users to forgo live video streaming platform Twitch in favor of its built-in Beam streaming with the help of Microsoft’s in-house service. Blu-ray play sees an improvement as well with the update’s support for receiver decode audio. Furthermore, the UI (user interface) update also added a feature that will allow timed screen access, allowing parents to control their children’s use on the console.

What Is The Copilot Feature

With the new update comes a new feature: Copilot. This component has tweaked Xbox One gameplay as a whole, as this will sync controls amongst the game’s controllers. With this, controllers will have synced functionality. How players will utilize this will be interesting, as it not only provides a solution to accessibility issues, but it will also provide a new dimension to controls in gameplay.

The Xbox UI update is now available. To access it, simply go to All Settings > System > Updates, then manually update the console. This is an alternative to automatically updating it on the get go.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox One’s new features? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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