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XCOM 2 Update To Have Follow-Up Of XCOM Mod Long War


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XCOM 2 Update To Have Follow-Up Of XCOM Mod Long War

The latest XCOM 2 update reveals that there will be a follow-up release for the celebrated Long War mod. There will be two projects to be released by the erstwhile Long War Studios modders. The team now has a new name called Pavonis Interactive.

There will be the Long War 2 mod for XCOM 2 although details are still sketchy at this point. Pavonis Interactive will also be coming up with something that is entirely original as per reports. Game Spot reports that details are unknown about the Long War 2 mod.

The original Long War for XCOM 2 is a conversion based mod. This works to make several changes for Enemy Unknown. There is a comprehensive campaign in all including new voice acting, classes and a lot more.

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What Else to Expect 

This has come in for a lot of praise from the developer of the XCOM game Firaxis. The creators also tied up with Firaxis and 2K. They were the first to bring out mods for the 2nd installment. However, none of these were anywhere close to Long War in terms of overall quality and innovation.

Right now, there is a lot of excitement regarding the announcement of details for Long War 2. The announcement is expected to made within the next few weeks. A statement released on the website of the company has detailed all plans for original game development.

These games will not be linked to the XCOM franchise at all. John Lumpkins, the design lead at Pavonis Interactive has also confirmed that modding is just the beginning. He has clarified that future work of the company will extend into new territory.

What the Company Plans for the Future 

The company will also focus on bringing on original and independent titles. One of these is expected to be Terra Invicta. This will be an alien invasion strategy game as per reports. Additionally, Long War will be linked exclusively to the XCOM gaming franchise in the future.

iDigital Times has also confirmed the setting up of Pavonis Interactive and the continuation of its business operations. The Terra Invicta game is reportedly undergoing development at the pre-Kickstarter level. This strategy game will have players driving the defense of our planet during the invasion by aliens.

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