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Yakuza 0 Guide To Goro Majima Battle Styles

Yakuza 0 Guide
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Yakuza 0 Guide To Goro Majima Battle Styles

Yakuza 0 is set for release in a few hours. If you’re hyped up to play this open world action video game, then here’s a Yakuza 0 guide that might come in handy.

Reviews for Yakuza 0 say that the game packs in fantastic battle styles for both protagonists of the game. This Yakuza 0 guide is for Goro Majima, something you’re going to need since Majima will be getting more screen time in this version.

Many other Yakuza 0 guide posts will tell you more of Kazuma Kiryu’s battle styles, but as for Majima, he has three battle styles that players can choose from. It focuses on Power, Speed and Balance.

Thug Style

Majima’s default fighting stuyle in Yakuza 0 will be Thug Style. This makes use of muilti-directional kicks and grabs. This is also quite similar to Kiryu’s Brawler Style.

Slugger Style

A baseball bat will come in handy during a fight and Slugger Style makes use of this weapon. Using a baseball bat against enemies makes short work of the fight. This style is considered to be Majima’s strongest.

Breaker Style

It’s not just all rough fighting in Yakuza 0 for Majima. This fighting style makes use of breakdancing moves. At the end, Majima even strikes a pose showing everyone what that move was all about.

Yakuza 0 Finally Available

Yakuza 0 has been available since 2015 in Japan but will be released on the 24th in North America and Europe. Fans of the Yakuza series can’t wait to dive right into the 1980s style of the game, as well as take a look on Kazuma Kiryu’s early life before he became known as a legend.

This also has fans excited to see more of Majima and his relationship with Kiryu. Both are known to be “frenemies” through the years. But Yakuza 0 will have players witness Majima and Kiryu possibly working together more closely in this timeline.

Yakuza 0 will be available on the Playstation 4.

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