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Yakuza 0 Release Date & Gameplay: Battle Styles, Skill Tree & More

Yakuza 0


Yakuza 0 Release Date & Gameplay: Battle Styles, Skill Tree & More

Yakuza 0 is a major talking point amongst fans in recent times. Now, news of battle styles has taken the excitement up a notch. This game is quite different from other titles in the series.

Yakuza 0 picks up the earlier battle styles of Goro Majima and Kazuma Kiryu. All characters have abilities that can be earned or unlocked. The game is based in the 1980s and the major characters are young heroes.

Yakuza 0 is set in a time when our heroes are not the Mad Dog and Dragon yet. Silicon Era reports that they are in their formative years. They are still trying to find out who they are.

More on the two main characters

The heroes draw inspiration from all the people in their immediate environment. They are also testing multiple styles to form their own. Various kinds of attacks are used by the characters early on in the game.

They are steadily evolving into the heroes they are in later versions of the game. The game starts with Goro picking up Slugger and Breaker. Kiryu also chooses Rush and Beast.

Eurogamer also confirms that the game is about both characters learning the ropes. They also master the arts eventually. This learning paves the way for them forming their own styles.

Battle Styles & Opponents

However, most styles are mostly based on practicality above all else. Kiryu and Majima also take on numerous enemies in the game. Several opponents also get multifarious strategies of their own.

Mr. Shakedown is a tough opponent. Tasers are carried by Men in Black. Yakuza folk may also get knives and guns. The Thug and Brawler styles are seen to be the most functional and practical.

The Rush and Breaker styles are swift and effective. Speed helps in dealing with big sized opponents. Kiryu can also identify environmental items to be used as potent weapons. On the other hand, Majima also gets a permanent bat. The game is releasing on 24th January, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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