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You Can Now Get 10,000 Hero Feathers In Fire Emblem Heroes Event

Fire Emblem Heroes
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You Can Now Get 10,000 Hero Feathers In Fire Emblem Heroes Event

You can now get 10,000 Hero Feathers in the Fire Emblem Heroes event. This particular reward is now live and available. The game has also integrated extra quests pertaining to arena-based duels. These will earn you several added feathers as well.

Nintendo had earlier guaranteed that 10,000 feathers would be provided as a reward for Fire Emblem Heroes players. However, the condition remains that this will be available only if its tweet touched 10,000 re-tweets.

This condition has now been fulfilled and hence the reward is live for all Fire Emblem Heroes players. In fact, the tweet touched its marketing goal almost immediately within a minute. This has now paved the way for players to claim this fantastic reward.

How Can You Get This Reward?

The reward can easily be claimed by logging into the game. Thereafter, you have to simply accept the gift in question. This can be easily done by tapping on the owl present in your castle, according to Kotaku.

The extra feathers on offer courtesy of the added arena duel quests make for a good opportunity as well. From a regular perspective, earning these feathers is really difficult in the game. The update has not made it easier from a logical standpoint.

Feathers are the major currency in the game. They are used for upgrading the star rankings of heroes owned by players. Earlier, feathers could be earned by winning Arena Duels and the number of points earned throughout a week of dueling.

A maximum of 1,600 feathers remained up for grabs in this manner. However, the payout took a whole week and this still proved inadequate to upgrade a hero to four stars. As a result, players would remain stuck on three stars.

Now, there are new Arena Duel quests which promise 1,000 feathers each. You have to complete a fixed number of duels to be eligible though. This is not much better, but still, it is something players can cheer about.

Does the Process Become Easier?

Promoting any four-star character to five stars still looks pretty unlikely. This is because the entire process requires 20,000 feathers, which is a huge volume. However, the new update gets you a wee bit closer towards achieving this goal as per Siliconera.

Take note that the 10,000 feathers will not be made available immediately. They will be available sometime after the event actually finishes. Nintendo earlier underestimated their own fan base for the game and as a result, higher numbers are expected for similar Twitter campaigns in the future.

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