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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide To Acquiring Ancient Armor

Zelda Breath of the Wild Guide
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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide To Acquiring Ancient Armor

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild has been out for several days and players are already discovering the best items in the game. Here’s a Zelda Breath of the Wild guide on how to get the best set of armor, the Ancient Armor, in the game.

One of the main enemies in the game are the Guardians and they are capable of dishing out tons of damage. Their death rays can deal at most 10 hearts of damage to Link when not careful. Since they are mostly mechanical, using this Zelda Breath of the Wild guide would reduce the pain of defeating them.

In order to easily defeat the Guardians, which will fill in the late game, players have to purchase the Ancient Armor. According to a Zelda Breath of the Wild guide by GameRant, instead of looking for the said item set like other rare items, players only have to purchase it from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide: Ancient Armor Requirements

In order to purchase them the player not only has to possess the sufficient amount of rupees but also the necessary materials. Link has to have in his possession 20 Ancient Gears, five Ancient Screws, three Ancient Cores, and 2,000 rupees for each set.

In order to collect those items, Link has to face some Guardians first since they drop those materials. The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab also sells Ancient Arrows which deal massive damage to the Guardians when Link manages to hit them in the eye.

The Ancient Armor has the buff called “Guardian Resist Up” which increases stats when facing the Guardians. It makes obtaining the set worth it as the Guardians would fill up the latter parts of the game.

The Ancient Armor consists of three pieces: the Ancient Helm, the Ancient Cuirass, and the Ancient Greaves. Players can also go for the Ancient Weapons which consist of the Ancient Spear and the Ancient Bow and they cost 1,000 rupees cheaper.

Ancient Armor – the Best Armor in the Game

According to VG247, each Ancient Armor piece has a base defensive stat of four and Link can still improve it. By using the Great Fairy Fountains, the player can boost each piece to a maximum of 28 per piece, making it the best armor in the game.

Once Link has the entire set of the Ancient Armor, he would gain the Ancient Proficiency Buff that would increase the damage dealt when using Ancient Weapons. This would make the late game adventures in Hyrule relatively easy as Link can survive heavy hits from the Guardians.

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