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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide To Making Link Climb Faster

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide


Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide To Making Link Climb Faster

Link has a massive map to explore in the latest Zelda game. This Zelda Breath of the Wild guide will help players make Link climb faster. Gamers can find this as an extremely useful skill as the in-game world has a lot of obstacles to offer.

The open-world nature of the game will undoubtedly have players search for Zelda Breath of the Wild guides. After all, Nintendo did affirm that gamers can approach the title in whatever nature they please. This means players can be explorers and discover what the land has to offer. They can also be warriors and earn experience by battling opponents.

This new “depth” has made critics agree that the latest Zelda title may be in fact one of the best in the series. However, players who are just now getting into the game may want to read through this Zelda Breath of the Wild guide. After all, climbing appears to be an integral part of the game.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide: Climbing Tricks

The latest Zelda game provides Link with a lot of new skills. One such skill is wall climbing, which allows him to climb tall mountains and towers. However, players can notice that Link is a bit of a slow climber. This can be a hassle especially if gamers want to reach certain locations quickly.

However, there is actually a tip to make Link climb faster. According to Game Rant, the best way to train this skill is to visit the Ree Dahee Shrine. This is located on the northern side of the Dueling Peaks cliff.

Unfortunately, Link cannot reach the shrine easily. He has to climb to the cliff’s top to actually reach the shrine. Players can gather a lot of experience with the enemies surrounding the cliff, so be sure to eliminate these first.

The Puzzle

By the time Link reaches the shrine, he has to solve a few puzzles. There is a platform a few meters away from him that can be activated with a switch. The platform tilts upon activation and a ball will roll into an orange hole. This activates a square platform that makes its way closer to Link.

This allows Link to jump over the platform and onto the next part of the puzzle. However, this part of the puzzle is trickier. The same mechanics work in this puzzle, but it requires timing. Link has to step on the switch to make the ball go to the right. However, players have to get off the switch to make the ball go to the left and fall into another orange hole. This activates another platform.

The final puzzle is similar to the first two. Link has to stand on the switch until the ball is near the end of the platform. However, Link should step out just before the ball falls into the cliff. This sends it straight to the orange hole. Players have to be patient with this part of the puzzle as it takes time.

Unlocking Faster Climbing Skills

The last platform will lead Link to the end of the shrine. However, according to Kotaku, players should collect the treasure chest first by using the moving platform. He will find the Climber’s Bandana in the chest. It has 13 defense points and boosts Link’s climbing speed. This easily makes it one of the most important items in the game.

By the time players get the Bandana, they can go back and collect the spirit orb. This doesn’t give any recognizable stat boosts, but it does help Link climb faster. Coupled with the new Bandana, this exponentially speeds up Link’s climbing speed. This is useful as a lot of the dungeons in the game require climbing. Players who want other climbing-related items can watch the video below.

The game is available for the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U. This Zelda title in particular is the last entry for the Wii U as it stops production.

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