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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide: What Is The Hylian Shield & How To Get It

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide


Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide: What Is The Hylian Shield & How To Get It

Link will have to go to dungeons to get his classic arsenal. This Zelda Breath of the Wild guide will help players get the Hylian shield. The shield, along with the Master Sword, are staple equipment for Hyrule’s defender.

The depth of the new Zelda game’s map is hard to comprehend for both old and new players. After all, the game map is so massive that gamers have the freedom to complete the title in their own pace. This Zelda Breath of the Wild guide will help Link get the most powerful shield in the game.

Breath of the Wild offers a wide variety of weapons and armors. Link can use most of them but these are all obtainable through killing monsters. Sadly, all the items in the game have a certain durability count – meaning they break after a certain number of uses. This Zelda Breath of the Wild guide will help players access the shield.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide: Hylian Shield

Fans may want to gather the shield and other popular Link items because they are so hard to find in the game. According to VG247, much of Link’s classic equipment are scattered in rare areas. Link’s classic tunic is accessible only via an amiibo or an unlockable feature late in the game. The Master Sword is even an optional weapon as Ganon’s fortress can be stormed without it.

However, Zelda fans can still get the shield in the game. Sadly, Link cannot find it very easily. Link can get the shield inside Hyrule Castle’s Lockup room. It is in the basement on the West side of the castle. However, since there are a lot of monsters around the castle, the best way of approach is through the rear.

Players first have to look at the bridges that extend from the castle, which forms a star. Link will have to stand on the bridge at the “top” of the star shape. If players walk to the right, there is an area where they can glide towards the castle grounds near the moat. By the time players see glowing blue stones, that’s their cue to jump.

Getting the Shield

According to IGN, players should take note that the Lockup is a very dangerous area. It has a lot of high-level opponents that can take out Link. The goal of gamers this time is to get the shield and get out of the area immediately.

Inside Hyrule castle is a locked metal gate that can be opened with Magnesis. Others can also use the Cryonis spell on the puddle. Once inside is a variety of jail cells with enemies inside. Players confident that they can take out these monsters can free them one by one, as they have very good loot.

At the end of the lockup is a room to the right. This will force Link to battle a Stalnox. Players can defeat this to aim for the eye with an arrow. It will fall down and allow Link to defeat it with a barrage of hits. By the time it is defeated, its eye will drop and Link should smash this.

The Stalnox will drop the shield once it is defeated. It has a durability level of 90, the highest in the game. However, players are warned that this is the only instance that the shield will appear in-game, so they have to be careful when using this.

Players who lose their shield can get another one in Tarrey Town. However, gamers can only get this version of the shield if they already got it from Hyrule Castle or via the amiibo option. Fans can scan the Zelda amiibo a couple of times every day to get a variety of loot, and there’s a slim that the shield will drop in one of the chests.

Role in Lore

The Hylian shield is one of Link’s most recurring pieces of equipment throughout the franchise. It is a shield rumored to be used by the legendary Hylian Knights. Its design varies from title to title, but a common feature is the Triforce emblem and a red bird embedded on its surface.

Link can obtain the shield in all the games except The Wind Maker. In all the other titles, the Hylian shield is one of the most powerful protective items in the game, if not the most powerful. While the shield does not have an integral role in Breath of the Wild, it is a must-have for fans of the franchise.

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