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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide To Acquiring The Dark Link Armor Set

Zelda Breath of the Wild Guide
Photo grabbed from Arekkz YouTube Channel.


Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide To Acquiring The Dark Link Armor Set

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild had continuously impressed players and critics for bringing the open-world of Hyrule. It features a huge variety of armor sets which Link, the protagonist, can obtain in his journey. Here’s a Zelda Breath of the Wild guide on obtaining one of the best, and coolest, one yet.

This Zelda Breath of the Wild focuses on the Dark Link Armor Set which is originally from the Ocarina of Time. It provides Link with a burst of speed during the night so it is pretty useful when adventuring during dark.

In a Zelda Breath of the Wild guide video uploaded by user Arekkz on YouTube, he explained the requirements for the Dark Link Armor Set. The good thing about the set is that players who finished the game can still acquire and still appreciate it.

Start the “A Shady Customer” Side-Quest

The first thing that players have to do is to unlock Kilton, a special vendor found within Hyrule. Kilton only appears after Link had finished a specific sequence of events. Look for the “A Shady Customer” side-quest located at East Akkala Stable in order to discover Kilton.

This side-quest will prompt Link to take a photograph of Kilton who is at Skull Lake. He is holed up the top right corner of the map in the left eye of the lake. After meeting him, he explains how he will begin a business by open a shop, selling unique items only available to him.

New Currency – Mon

After interacting Kilton for the first time, Link will automatically unlock him and gain access to his shop. Instead of using the normal currency of the game, the special vendor only deals with Mon. Mon is a currency that he only trades for monster parts.

GosuNoob reported that in order for Link to buy from Kilton, he has to kill several monsters, collect their parts, and trade them with Kilton for Mon. Here’s the price for each piece of the Dark Link Armor Set which Link can buy from Kilton:

  • Hood – 1,999 Mon
  • Tunic – 999 Mon
  • Trousers- 999 Mon
  • Monster Bridle – 399 Mon
  • Monster Saddle – 299

The last two are not actually essential but it gives Link the overall dark look when equipped. According to GameRant, one of the best way to farm Mon is by defeating monsters Hinox and Lynel. Both have high-value monster parts and killing some will give Link enough Mon for the Dark Armor Set.

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