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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide To Acquiring The Sand Boots

Zelda Breath of the Wild Guide
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Zelda Breath Of The Wild Guide To Acquiring The Sand Boots

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild features not only the open-world of Hyrule but also new items which developers had included. One of these items is the sand boots that will allow Link, the main character, to travel faster in sandy environments. Here’s a Zelda Breath of the Wild guide to obtain this particular rare item.

This Zelda Breath of the Wild guide will include the easy way to complete The Eighth Heroine side-quest. Finishing the said quest will reward Link with the sand boots that will aid him in his journey.

To start this Zelda Breath of the Wild guide, Link must first travel to Gerudo Town. In order for the protagonist to get there faster, he can take the route via the Daqo Chisay Shrine, the nearest warp point.

Outside Gerudo Town, Link can spot a man running around named Bozai. Interact with him and he will issue The Eighth Heroine side-quest for the hero.

Link Obtains the Snow Boots

As the side-quest starts, Bozai will give Link his Snow Boots to help him in his travels. These Snow Boots will help the princess savior to traverse the snowy path leading to the Bronze Giant.

Don’t worry, Link does not have to fight and defeat the Bronze Giant. He only has to take a photograph of it using and camera and then take it back to Bozai.

Once Link has the photograph, he can go back to Bozai or proceed to so the Forgotten Sword side-quest. Taking the said picture will allow the main character to finish another side-quest issued by the NPC.

Completing the Eighth Heroine Side-Quest For Link to completely finish the task at hand, he has to find the titular Eighth Heroine and take a photograph of it. The said subject is located at the Guerdo Highlands which is filled with various treasures.

Preparation for the Climb

Before starting to climb the mountains, Link must first equip his warmest clothes and the Snow Boots given by Bozai. This will ensure the hero will not freeze to death while scaling the snowy mountains. According to Polygon, one of the warmest armors Link can wear here is the Snowquill Armor Set. He can obtain the said armor set in Rito Village.

Aside from warm clothes, Link must also prepare and equip fire-based weapons. Enemies at the Guerdo Highlands have an elemental weakness to cold. Having fire elemental weapons and arrows will give Link a huge advantage over them. Most enemies will go down with just a shot from a flaming arrow.

After reaching the highest point of the Guerdo Highlands, simply paraglide using the updraft Northwest. It will land Link exactly at the hands of the Eighth Heroine if done correctly. Upon landing on its hands, take out Link’s camera and begin taking photos of its head and torso. Return to Bozai and give him the photos and he will reward Link with the Sand Boots which, according to IGN, has decent stats.

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