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ZeniMax Oculus Lawsuit Claims Oculus VR Destroyed Evidence

Zenimax Oculus
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ZeniMax Oculus Lawsuit Claims Oculus VR Destroyed Evidence

The ZeniMax Oculus lawsuit is a major bone of contention in recent times. ZeniMax has already released its statement. This statement claims that Oculus chief technology officer John Carmack whisked away numerous documents.

The ZeniMax Oculus lawsuit also contains allegations against Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. The $2 billion lawsuit alleges that Luckey and ex-Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe spread false stories.

The ZeniMax Oculus lawsuit contains allegations by ZeniMax about these false stories of the Rift headset being invented. Luckey earlier claimed to have invented the first prototype of this headset in his parents’ garage. Game Informer reports that Carmack is the former co-founder of id Software.

What Else is Known

Iribe is now the head of a new PC division within Oculus itself. ZeniMax representatives state that the company will “present substantial evidence”. This pertains to “the defendants’ misappropriation of our Virtual Reality (VR)”. They also state that this “includes the theft of trade secrets”.

This allegedly includes “computer code”. Additionally, evidence will also be given on the “intentional destruction of evidence”. Representatives also claim that VR technology is the brainchild of id Software and ZeniMax.

Oculus has already talked of being “eager to present our case in court”. This new lawsuit based dispute has also been confirmed by Polygon. The representatives of this company have another story to share.

What Oculus Is Saying

They state that “Oculus and its founders have invested a wealth of time and money in VR”. This is majorly because of the company’s belief that it “can fundamentally transform the way people interact and communicate”. Also, Oculus reps expressed disappointment at the “wasteful litigation” used by another company to “take credit”.

In a strongly worded statement, Oculus reps say that the other company lacked in terms of “vision, expertise, or patience”. ZeniMax first sued Oculus in 2014 and the dispute will now be settled in a Dallas court.

Mark Zuckerberg and several other tech experts are expected to offer their testimonies. Oculus is currently owned by Facebook.

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