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ZeniMax Oculus Trial Ends In Favor Of ZeniMax With $500M

ZeniMax Oculus Trial


ZeniMax Oculus Trial Ends In Favor Of ZeniMax With $500M

The ZeniMax Oculus Trial is a major headline grabber at present. ZeniMax earlier filed a legal suit against Oculus for misappropriation of trade secrets. The lawsuit trial has awarded ZeniMax $500 million.

The ZeniMax Oculus Trial ends with the jury’s crucial finding. This pertains to the fact that Oculus co-founder, Palmer Luckey, did in fact violate terms of an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Bethesda parent company ZeniMax will now get $500 million in damages as per the ruling.

Following the ZeniMax Oculus Trial verdict, company spokespersons reinforced their desire to make sure of no “ongoing use of our misappropriated technology.” This includes a future injunction that holds Facebook and Oculus from using the infringed computer code in question.

What ZeniMax Claimed

IGN reports that the company is happy with the decision of the jury in the Dallas U.S. District Court. This shows that Oculus did infringe on trademarks and copyrights while violating the NDA. This pertains to VR technology that the company exclusively owns.

The jury also upheld the complaint of the company that John Carmack had pilfered confidential RAGE source code. He also stole “thousands” of files on a “USB storage device.” This contained exclusive ZeniMax VR technologies.

Robert Altman, the CEO of ZeniMax, states that their business is based on technology. As a result, any theft of intellectual property is definitely shocking according to him. He also talked of appreciating the decision of the jury for these serious infringements.

Polygon reports that the jury also found that Oculus did not really misappropriate any trade secrets. This is a small blow to ZeniMax which the company’s lawyer was quick to argue against. Lawyer Anthony Sammi argued that the company should receive $2 billion in addition to another $2 billion in damages.

Beth Wilkinson, the attorney representing Oculus, stated that ZeniMax was driven by anger, embarrassment and jealousy for the lawsuit. This led to a bitter war of words in the courtroom as per sources. Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Oculus, and John Carmack were named as case defendants in August 2016.

What Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg Feel 

Facebook also claims that the lawsuit is a reaction towards ZeniMax being unable to acquire Oculus before it. The case had both Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg taking the stand.

Zuckerberg also claimed that the case depicted a common pattern of sorts. This is where claimants “come out of the woodwork” to claim that they “own some portion of the deal.” ZeniMax based its primary claim against Oculus and Facebook based on accusations of Carmack pilfering confidential tools and code for VR development.

Carmack earlier worked at ZeniMax before shifting to Oculus. He is accused of returning to ZeniMax again and stealing these files.

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